Anti-Semitic Hacker Targets Jewish Web Sites

Hacker Wrote, 'Jews Are Terrorists'

A hacker briefly took over Web sites for two synagogues and a Jewish organization this weekend, leaving messages that "Jews are terrorists,” according to the husband of a rabbi.

Jeff Finkelstein, who restored the Web sites, said all three were defaced at the same time on Saturday. The hacker claimed to be "Waja (Adi Noor)."

"I think it's no different than someone painting a swastika on the walls of a congregation," said Finkelstein.

The attacked Web sites belonged to two of the largest synagogues in Boulder, Bonai Shalom and Har HaShem, Finkelstein said. The Web site for the Boulder Rabbinic Council also was hacked.

Messages left on the Bonai Shalom Web site said, "Jews are terrorists. Child Organ Smugglers" and "Jews are terrorists Organization." One posting also used an expletive to disparage Jews and Israel.

Finkelstein, who is the husband of Rabbi Jamie Korngold, said he restored the Web sites and was searching through server logs to try to identify the attacker. He said Sunday that he has "installed new protocols and made other security changes."

A police report will be filed on Monday, Finkelstein said.