Analog Cell Service Out But Home Security Threatened

Transition Could Impact Home Security Systems

It's the last call for one form of cellular communication.

Next Monday, Feb. 18, analog cell phone service will be dropped for good.

Some of the biggest operators, like Verizon, will shut down their analog networks.

For the vast majority of cell users, it's no big deal because most operate with digital technology.

But, the transition could impact home security systems.

When alarm systems are triggered, they often use cellular service to notify police, fire and medics.

Because of that, companies like Alarm Alert, an authorized ADT Security Services dealer, are now in the process of swapping analog technology for digital technology.

Security consultant Kevin Dunn says home security systems are now nearly as common as water and electricity.

"Bad things happen to good people every day," said Dunn.

Mother of two Carrie Acosta has an alarm at home and at work.

"You know, you really just never know. I just feel more comfortable knowing that the alarm is there," said Acosta.

Because of changes in cellular technology, alarm systems need to be updated.

Dunn said with analog cell service ending, homeowners must now go to digital. "And digital service is already up and running. We’ve swapped out most customers already."

Peace of mind for those like Acosta who is serious about protecting her home, her children and her belongings.

"We arm it every single night," she said.

Dunn said if you have a security system and haven’t yet made the switch from analog to digital, call your provider and they should make the switch at no charge to you.

Some carriers have put the deadline off until next month or in some cases until next summer, so you’ll need to check with your provider.

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