Ammo Shipped To P.O. Box Put Murray On Police Radar

Murray Bought 2 Assault Rifles, 2 Semiautomatic Handguns

Greenwood Village police said Wednesday that they investigated Matthew Murray in September, after someone voiced concerns about ammunition being mailed to a post office in Greenwood Village.

The officer went to the UPS Store at 4950 South Yosemite St. on Sept. 13 and talked to the manager.

"The officer examined the package, and then verified that the owner of the P.O. Box, Matthew Murray, was not wanted by law enforcement. Based on the information obtained by the officer the investigation was concluded," Greenwood Village police said.

The ammo was just one of several new details about Murray's firepower that police released Wednesday.

He had three weapons on him when he entered the church, a fourth weapon was found in his vehicle, and a fifth at his home, police said.

Murray had an assault rifle, a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun and a 9mm semiautomatic handgun when he entered the church. Investigators found an AK-47 assault rifle in his car and a .22-caliber Beretta handgun at his home.

Murray purchased the weapons between Nov. 17 and Sept. 11, four in the Denver area and one in Colorado Springs, police spokesman Skip Arms said.

Arms said 26 rounds had been fired from the Bushmaster assault rifle Murray had with him and one round from the Springfield 9mm.

Arms said Jeanne Assam, the volunteer security guard at New Life Church who shot and wounded Murray, had a Beretta 9mm semiautomatic handgun and fired a total of 10 rounds.

The weapons he had with him at New Life Church were:

  1. Bushmaster XM15 assault rifle, purchased on Jan. 9, 2007, at the Sportsman's Warehouse at 14140 E. Ellsworth in Aurora
  2. AK-47 assault rifle, purchased Nov. 17, 2006, at Robert's Firearms at 18498 E. Colfax in Aurora.
  3. Beretta 40-caliber semiautomatic handgun purchased on Jan. 4, 2007, at Sportsman's Warehouse at 555 N. Chelton Road in Colorado Springs.
  4. Springfield Armory 9mm semiautomatic handgun purchased on Sept. 11, 2007, at Dave's Guns at 1842 S. Parker Road in Denver

The 22-caliber Beretta handgun in his car was bought on June 2, 2007, at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Aurora.

Murray killed two people at Youth With a Mission, a training center for missionaries in Arvada, early Sunday. About 12 hours later, he killed two more people at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. In between the shootings, Murray is believed to have left several posts on a Web site's forum warning that he wanted to kill Christians.

Joe Istre, president of the Association of Former Pentecostals, which operates the site, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he and other forum participants had grown familiar with the frequent and disturbingly dark poetry and obsessions of one participant, whose nickname was nghtmrchld26.

But when that same author -- believed to be Murray -- left the posts on the day of the shootings, a forum participant immediately contacted the FBI, Istre said.

"I'm coming for EVERYONE soon and I WILL be armed to the @#%$ teeth and I WILL shoot to kill," one threat posted by nghtmrchld26 said.

"My reaction was disbelief, but then almost horror," Istre said of Murray's violence. "This guy was posting on our forums, and we are a support group out to help people, to try to get them to calm their fears and get them into a productive life. And here we are conversing with a dude who was a killer."

Arvada police spokeswoman Susan Medina said police cannot say with certainty who nghtmrchld26 is. Istre also said his forum agreed to turn over all relevant information, and provided the FBI the Internet Protocol address of nghtmrchld26 to help confirm the poster's identity.

Murray apparently posted to a different forum under the name DyingChild--65, and may have foretold of his rampage there, too. In one, he references the one of the Columbine killers and the gunman who opened fire at Virginia Tech. He also mentioned Ricky Rodriguez, who stabbed a prominent member of a church once known as the Children of God, then shot himself in the head in 2005. The group had been accused of sexually and physically abusing child members during the 1970s and 1980s.

"Like Cho, Eric Harris, Ricky Rodriguez and others, I'm going out to make a stand for the weak and the defenseless this is for all those young people still caught in the Nightmare of Christianity for all those people who've been abused and mistreated and taken advantage of by this evil sick religion Christian America this is YOUR Columbine," the posting said.

Murray also apparently posted rants under the name "Chrstnghtmr."

Murray, 19, was dismissed from Youth With a Mission in 2002 for what the training center has described only as health reasons. Youth With a Mission maintains an office at New Life Church's World Prayer Center.

An autopsy Tuesday determined that Murray killed himself with a bullet to the head after he was brought down by gunfire from a volunteer security guard at the church, authorities said.

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