Alleged Beating Victim Responds To Resignation

Shawn Johnson Wants Officers Fired

Despite the resignation of Denver's Safety Manager Ron Perea, the men seen being beaten by police in the video said more needs to be done.

"I think it [the resignation] is an imperative step in moving us forward to the next step," said Shawn Johnson, whose April 2009 arrest was caught on camera.

In addition to the resignation of the safety manager, he wants the officers involved to be fired as soon as possible.

"For a long time, these officers, even though they were clearly lying, still seemed to carry more credibility than us," said Johnson.

He said he feels vindicated by the Independent Monitor's report calling the officer's version of events "pure fiction" and by the fact that the internal investigation has been reopened.

"I feel vindicated, even more so, by the people who come up to me in the streets and say 'Hey, we're on your side,'" he said.

Johnson said this all started when he used the women's restroom in a club.

"That wasn't the best decision I could have made, but at the same time, give me a ticket, ask me to leave the club," he said. "Everything that happened beyond that seemed to be excessive. Everything beyond that seemed to be an abuse of power and shouldn't have been tolerated."