Airline Passenger Allegedly Fondled While Sleeping

Arrest Warrant Issued For Man Sitting Next To Her During Flight

A federal arrest warrant was issued Thursday for a man who authorities said fondled a female passenger on a United Airlines flight to Denver.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, federal authorities were contacted Wednesday after a 27-year-old woman on flight from Miami to Denver said she fell asleep on the flight and awoke to find the man seated next to her with his hands between her legs.

The man, identified in the arrest warrant as Alexander Vladimirovich Kolotov, told investigators that he covered up with a blanket during the flight and fell asleep. He said he was awaked by her screams and didn't know what had happened.

The woman told investigators that she didn't know the man and didn't give him permission to fondle her.

Kolotov faces federal charges of sexual contact with another person without that person's permission and assault.

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