Affidavit: Visitor Left Gun On Nightstand In Children's Room

Boy Shoots Brother At Lakewood Apartment

A Kansas man, who was arrested following the apparent accidental shooting of a 5-year old Lakewood boy Friday, told investigators there were numerous guns in the apartment and that all were loaded with a round in their chambers.

Police were called to the Eagle Crest Apartments at West 16th Avenue and Iris Street at 9:46 a.m. Friday.

While en route, agents were advised that a boy, later identified as Rolyn Victor Paco Lee Javier, had been shot. He died a short time later at St. Anthony Hospital.

Court documents state that the owner of the gun, Adam Laham, and two friends were visiting from Wichita, Kan.

Laham spent the night in the children’s game room.

He told investigators that he placed his gun, a Kel-Tech .32, on a makeshift nightstand in that room.

After waking up Friday, he went out to smoke a cigarette and then went back into the apartment and sat down in the living room.

A short while later there was a gunshot.

The boy’s father, Donald Javier, told investigators he ran into the room and saw his 3-year-old son drop the gun and his 5-year-old son lying on the floor.

Police said Rolyn was shot in the chest.

Police said Donald Javier told them they tried to do CPR and put pressure on the wound until help arrived.

Police arrested Laham for investigation of child abuse and criminal negligence causing death.

According to the arrest affidavit, Laham told police, “It was totally my fault… I sleep with my gun by my head.”

Laham said he knew Rolyn wanted to get back into the game room to play with his Xbox. He said he told the boy it was OK.

According to the affidavit, Laham said he forgot to put the gun away and wasn’t thinking about the children getting it.

Investigators said Laham also told them that boys’ father was teaching the kids how to use a gun.

They said he also told them that he knew the children weren’t old enough to use a gun by themselves.

Laham stated that his gun did not have a safety.

“It’s shocking,” neighbor Joyce Loffer told 7NEWS. “I saw the boys out throwing snowballs and having fun the day before.”

"I just thought it was horrible," said neighbor Ron Cook. "Very sad. Seemed like decent people, worked hard. I can't imagine what they're going through."

Formal charges will be filed against Laham on Friday.

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