Adams County Paving Contract Corruption Trial Starts

Criminal Case Sparked By CALL7 Investigation That Raised Questions About County Contracts

The president of a paving company that was the focus of a CALL7 Investigation is scheduled to go on trial today on theft and conspiracy charges.

Dennis Coen was the president of Quality Paving and Quality Resurfacing companies when the contractor received millions of dollars of no-bid contracts from Adams County Public Works to resurface roads in the northeast suburban area.

In 2008, CALL7 Investigators raised questions about the no bid contracts, apparent gifts and work on county employees' homes provided by Quality Paving. Those stories sparked an investigation that led to charges against Coen and six others.

Coen’s trial is scheduled to start Monday and last for as long as two weeks. He faces about 70 charges, including theft, conspiracy after authorities said he helped bill millions to the county for work that wasn’t done or wasn’t done properly.

A former county employee and former Quality Paving employee pleaded guilty in the case, and one Quality Paving employee was acquitted.

Lee Asay, the former director of Adams County Public Works, his deputy, Sam Gomez, and Quality Paving owner Jerry Rhea were also charged in the case. Their trial dates have yet to be set.

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