ACLU Doesn't Want Boy Scouts To Get Rent Break

Scouts Discriminate Against Gays, ACLU Says

The Boy Scouts shouldn't get a rent subsidy to hold meetings in Boulder's public schools because they discriminate against gays, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

A letter from the Boulder County ACLU was sent to the Boulder Valley School District on Monday, claiming that the Boy Scouts of America are a discriminatory group because it wants to exclude homosexuals from its membership.

The Boulder ACLU wants the school district to change its policies to require that groups that use school buildings and receive a rent subsidy from the district must comply with district policies on discrimination.

The BVSD prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, among other criteria.

“Is it the policy of the district to subsidize a youth organization that openly discriminates based on sexual orientation?,” the letter from Johanna Blumenthal asks.

Read the ACLU Boy Scout letter.

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