Accused Theater Shooting Suspect Being Evicted

Landlord: Bombs, Booby-Traps Designed To Kill Violate Terms Of Lease

The man accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 in an Aurora theater shooting is being evicted after his landlord said bombs and booby-traps designed to kill people violate the terms of his lease.

James Holmes, 24, was arrested on July 20 outside the Century 16 theater, minutes after a gunman opened fire during a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" Batman movie. Police said he was heavily armed. He has been charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in the shooting.

The youngest victim to die was 6 years old.

Even though Holmes has been in jail since his arrest, he is still legally a tenant of his Aurora apartment, according to an attorney representing the landlord.

The door to his second-floor apartment is double padlocked and has signs on the door warning "Do Not Enter" and "No Trespassing."

When he was apprehended, police said Holmes told them he had planted bombs and booby-traps in his apartment.

A bomb squad spent two days defusing devices and removing them from his apartment.

"This apartment was designed to kill whoever entered it. Who was most likely to enter it? It was going to be a police officer. If you think we are angry, we sure as hell are angry," said Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates after the devices were disarmed. "There is no question what the intent was from whoever designed that device for whoever opened the door."

The forcible entry and detainer complaint was filed by Holley Realty and Management LLC, in Adams County Court on Wednesday.

News of the eviction was first reported by The Denver Post.

"His actions are a substantial violation of his lease," Victor Sulzer told The Post on Thursday.

Once the notice is processed, Holmes or his representatives will have to remove his property from the apartment. If it is not picked up, any property belonging to Holmes will be removed and placed on the curb outside the apartment.

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