Abandoned Dog Found With "FREE" On Its Side

Aspen Psychic Will Attempt To Get Message From Terrier

Authorities in Aspen are looking for the former owner of a brown and white Jack Russell terrier found wandering around town with the word "FREE" written on his side in black letters.

The dog was caught Wednesday and appeared to be in good health, but he had no collar or ID tags.

A permanent black marker was used to write on his right side.

The dog has been nicknamed "Freeway" by the Aspen Animal Shelter and didn't appear to have been abused before he was abandoned.

Animal control said that abandoning an animal is a class 1 misdemeanor that carries a maximum $5,000 fine and 18 months in jail, if the former owner of the dog is caught.

"He's a sweet dog. He's a little shaken up by the experience but he seems friendly enough," said Sue Harken, an employee at the Aspen Animal Shelter.

The Aspen Daily News reported that an animal psychic would visit the dog Thursday in an effort to get more information about its background.

Alecia Evans told the newspaper that the the word "FREE" might have been written to convey a deeper message.

Evans said that the message could have been that animals were born to be free and were not intended as human possessions, or that humans ought to loosen up and "go live their lives like a dog lives its life," the newspaper reported.

If the dog's owner is not found within eight days, the animal will be put up for adoption because the Aspen Animal Shelter has a no-kill policy.

Update: The dog's owner has been found and the two were reunited. Read our update to find out what the owner is not facing charges of animal cruelty.

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