Young volunteer helps kids with special needs prepare for Special Olympics

Basketball camps run by teen with a big heart

Some Colorado athletes are in the midst of an important basketball season. 
Practices and scrimmages aren't always fun. Unless you're apart of the basketball skills camp run by Sarah Barnhart. 
Sarah is a senior at Cherry Creek High School with a heart for Special Oylmpics. 
"My brother has been involved with Special Olympics since he was old enough to do so -- so I have a very personal connection to it just because of my family," said Sarah.
"She's very helpful in all the things she does in my life and she helps me a lot in basketball," said Ben Barnhart, Sarah's brother.
Four years ago, Sarah realized these special athletes could benefit from a skills camp. 
"So, she got her own gym, her own coaches, her own helpers and she made it a fun project," said parent Tim Yoakum.
The camp allows athletes to improve their game, feel more included in their school's activities and just have fun. 
Sarah's camp is so popular the Colorado Athletic Club provides the courts and dozens of players, volunteers and cheerleaders are eager to take part. 
"Going to play basketball with their friends is just the best time of their day -- so it becomes the best time of my day," said Sarah.
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