Volunteers use overstock at grocery stores to help feed those in need in the metro area

Couple delivers fresh food to food bank pantries

DENVER - We all hate seeing good food go bad when there are people going hungry. A local couple has a solution. 7Everyday Heroes Randy and Sandy Harris operate a non-profit called Elephant Talk.

"We spend seven days a week going out and getting food to supply to the largest food pantries of metro Denver," said Randy Harris.

The couple delivers tons of food to places like the Jeffco Action Center.

"It is a high quality of food and it really makes a difference in people's lives," said Joe Haines, Director of Development, The Action Center in Jefferson County.

The Elephant Talk deliveries even include organic food, thanks to overstock at area grocery stores.

"Whole Foods has been a great partner for us," said Randy.

"I think the biggest reward is knowing that this food is not going into the landfill," said Sandy Harris.

Sandy and Randy have done this for five years, and while the name, Elephant Talk, may seem unusual it is filled with meaning.

"The elephant in the room. A lot of people see there is a hunger problem but think most of the people are asking for money off the streets," said Sandy.

"92 percent of the people who come into food pantries these days are working families who are out of jobs," added Randy.

"To get up at three o'clock, seven days a week to pick up food and get it to people in need within 12-hours of picking it up is just amazing," said Haines.

But even an efficient non-profit like Elephant Talk needs help.

"We need financial support," said Sandy.

To date, Sandy and Randy have relied solely on their retirement savings to fund the non-profit.

"Last year alone we delivered over two and half million pounds of food. And that was just the two of us. So, imagine what we could do with one more truck, one more person," said Sandy.

"There is no reason to have people in this town hungry.  There is food we just have to get it to them," said Randy.

To learn how to help Elephant Talk go to www.elephanttalk.org

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