Volunteers help keep Denver Art Museum running

7 Everyday Hero one of 500 volunteers at museum

DENVER - There's much more to the Denver Art Museum than the wonderful art exhibits.

Behind the scenes there's the Conservation Lab which helps the museum meet its goal of preserving art.

"I do the ordering of supplies, which in a conservation lab, there's a lot of that to be done," said Volunteer Jane Johnson.

Johnson is one of 500 volunteers for the museum. She has given her time at the Denver Art Museum since the 1970s.

"She is a worker bee.  She's not the kind of volunteer who is here for the recognition," said Meg Morris-AAbakken, Manager of Volunteers.

Coming from New York as a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jane first saw the Denver Art Museum in its infancy.

"And I thought: 'Why did they put up this building when there's not much going on inside?' and that has tremendously changed since I got here," said Johnson.

Today the Denver Art Museum is a world class facility with exhibits that are often the envy of other cities.

"I thought, instead of criticizing, I will try to make a difference," said Johnson.

Johnson has done just that for more than 25 years. 

"We use a wide range of obscure materials, supplies and equipment .  And Jane is very good at tracking all that information and making sure we get the best possible price," said Sarah Melching, Conservation Lab Director.

Johnson's role is crucial since the Denver Art Museum is a 501-C-3, a non-profit. She helps extend the museum's budget dollar.

"It is just in my blood," said Johnson.

To learn more go to www.denverartmuseum.org

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