Volunteers give food those in need through services at Denver church

Volunteer duo fills pantries and stomaches

DENVER - In times of need churches are often the lifeline people need to make ends meet.

At one inner-city Denver church, a pair of volunteers have dedicated their lives to helping others.

Agape Christian Church in Denver's Five Points Neighborhood is committed to helping its neighbors.

"It is a part of the commandment from Jesus to us to care for our neighbors, so we do that out of an obligation in our Christian ministry," said Pastor Bob Woolfolk.

That means feeding the hungry. Sometimes the church offers hot, nutritious meals and at other times they offer boxes full of donated food to help make ends meet.

Either way, sisters-in-law Eva Hamilton and Evelyn Tate are involved.

"People need food out there.  It is hard when you do not have any income coming in," said Hamilton.

"They may have an income coming in but sometimes it is not enough," added Tate.

"They (Eva and Evelyn) have been involved in our food minister ever since we started in 1982," said Pastor Woolfolk.

And as they serve, Hamilton and Tate love, support and challenge one another.

Evelyn:  "Yeah, we argue."

Eva:  "No we don't"

Evelyn:  "Yeah we do.  We fight."

Eva: "No, we don't."

Evelyn:  "Yes we do."

Eva: (Shakes head "no")

Evelyn: "Just like now."

Hamilton and Tate's sense of humor and work ethic are a part of Agape Church's unconditional love for the community. Through thick and thin they serve those less fortunate. 

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