Volunteer makes quilts for the needy out of donations

As many of 100 quilts made by volunteer ever year

DENVER - As we move into the colder months it makes you wonder how the homeless stay warm on the streets.

7Everyday Hero Ellen Sieders is trying to help, by offering them something homemade. She makes and donates quilts.

"She has a big heart," said fellow volunteer, Mary Ellen Dahm.

The whole basement at Sieders' home is devoted to sewing quilts for other people.

"Much of them go to Denver Rescue Mission," said Sieders.

She donates her handmade quilts to a two different downtown Denver shelters. Some years she turns out more than 100 quilts.

"If anyone is cold it has got to make them feel good," said Sieders.

"Anytime you phone and ask her what's she's doing she says 'I'm sewing,'" said Dahm.

Sewing dozens of quilts is a lot of work, but Sieders makes it sound easy.

"Anybody can do it.  Just cut the little squares and you sew it together and put a little tie in it and you've got a quilt," said Sieders.

Sieders' humble, giving nature is contagious. Friends and family donate yarn, and material for her quilts, but she must still pay for some supplies out of her own pocket.

"When you have a lot of scraps you don't always have as much of one color as you'd like, so I try to make it as pretty as I can," said Sieders.

Ellen Sieders has made quilts for others for 14 years because she believes everyone deserves something nice.

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