Volunteer helps students at East High School to prepare for life after school

Project Greer Street helps student through school

DENVER - High schoolers are often told:  "The sky's the limit." But the future does not always appear so bright for those in less affluent communities. Enter, 7Everyday Hero Ron Sally.

He is proof the possibilities really are endless if you have the right support.  

Sally is a successful Denver businessman who, despite growing up on the "Notorious Northside" of Saint Louis, graduated from Duke and UCLA Law School.

That tough start gave Sally an idea for young men at Denver's East High School at the crossroads of their life journey.

"This is really kind of the last fork in the road for these kids to not only take the right path, but to have a solid platform that can be beneficial for them going forward," said Sally.

The key for Sally growing up was the support and guidance that allowed him to succeed.

So, Ron and his wife Yvette formed an academic enrichment program for African American males at Denver's East High in 2009.

"Our focus is African American males because of the historical challenges they face. The name of the program is Project Greer Street and it's named after the street I grew up on in north St. Louis," said Sally.

The project is more than just mentoring. One of its aims is to foster a shift in thinking to expect great things of these young men.

"He really holds us accountable to make sure we're being productive while we're in the class," said Project Greer Street member Raymond Pryer IV.

"Ron Sally is the kind of guy who's like a second father," said Derek Hawkins, Project Greer Street member.  

"So, it means a lot that he cares, especially about our futures and where we're going after high school," said Daylen Bowen, Project Greer Street member.  

Project Greer Street is a program that provides a pathway to success by preparing young men full of potential for college exams and to succeed in life. The program's first graduating class is now attending top colleges, proof that Ron Sally's dream is alive and well.

"I look at Ron Sally as a role model of what I want to do when I get older," said Hawkins. 

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