Volunteer helps patients get around the busy Saint Anthony Hospital

Volunteer helps hospital patents feel comfortable

LITTLETON,Colo. - Hospitals, like college campuses, are known for being big and a bit confusing to navigate.

Saint Anthony Hospital in Lakewood sees tens of thousands of patients every year. And the one person nearly all of those patients see is not a doctor nor a nurse, but a volunteer.

Parker Ireland volunteers at the front desk at Saint Anthony hospital five days a week.

"I do seven in the morning until three in the afternoon," said Ireland.

It is Parker's easy-going demeanor and gentle spirit that helps puts patients and families at easy when they visit the hospital.

"Parker is what makes everyone smile when they walk into this hospital," said Annamarie Johnson, President of the hospital's Volunteer Association.

"Having the volunteers present, the staff can focus on healing and the volunteers focus on taking care of  the people, the families, making sure everyone is comfortable," said Vicki Harding, Director of Volunteers at St. Anthony Hospital.

Saint Anthony new facility in Lakewood is beautiful, and it is big, so it can be intimidating for some new arrivals.

It is nothing for Parker to escort guests to places they need to be. Helping others find their way can be a lot of work, but Parker does not see it that way.

"It's fun!" said Parker.

No wonder he has done this every week for eleven years.

To learn more about volunteering at Saint Anthony Hospital go http://www.stanthonyhosp.org/volunteer

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