Volunteer helps patients at St. Joseph's Hospital

Hero Ramon Fierro works 5 days a week at hospital

Lakewood, Colo. -

Nothing is slowing down this 7Everyday Hero he has been buzzing around Saint Joseph Hospital for four years, before that he gave his time at Denver Health Medical Center for 30 years.

"I come and ask the volunteer services lady if they need a good man.  And she said 'Did you say, good?' and I said 'Yes I did.' and she said 'Ok I'll take you where you can do some work," said Ramon Fierro, 7Everyday Hero.

He is so energetic much of the staff at Saint Joseph's struggles to keep up with him.

Fierro does all kinds of work here, mostly in the print shop. All of it designed to make the patient's stay a little easier.

"His health has been a struggle for him and I think that makes him more compassionate to make him want to do this for the patients because he's been on the other side," said Nancy Falk, director of volunteers.

Fierro gives so much of his time, it's like a full time job. He is there five days a week, four hours a day.

Fierro is one of 400 dedicated volunteers at Saint Joseph's and a shining example of why volunteering is so important.

 "Ohh, because I'm helping the people, helping the community," said Fierro.

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