Volunteer helps give 30,000 homes the food they need every month in Arvada

Volunteer helps organize weekly food distribution

Arvada - Many Coloradans who rely on food banks to make ends meet, never imagined they would need the help. Fortunately, in Arvada, they are greeted by a happy, smiling face.

7Everyday Hero Evelyn Wyckoff volunteers at the weekly food box distribution at Arvada's Agape Life Church.

She is happy, enthusiastic, and helpful.

"How are ya?  Good to see you this morning!  All right, good to see you," Wyckoff said as she greets a car pulling into the church parking lot.

Wyckoff helps coordinate the food giveaway, but to her it is more about making people feel good.

"I get all the hugs.  They get one hug, I get them all. God said:  'Feed my people.' And that's what we're doing," explained Wyckoff.

"We help 30,000 households a month," said Jan Huston, Founding Pastor at Agape Life Church.

Everyone gets enough fresh and canned food to help keep a family nourished for a week. And they get that happy greeting from Evelyn Wyckoff.

"She cares so immensely for people and that they have a good life and in the midst of rough times.  They smile because they know someone is there who loves them and cares for them," said Huston.

"It is just a blessing to me. They get blessed, but I get blessed more," added Wyckoff. 

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