Volunteer helps families deal with the loss of a baby

Walk reaches out to parents grieving


It's hard to know the right thing to say when someone you care for experiences the death of a child. We all feel we should died before our kids.

7Everyday Hero Amy Lugowski has found a way to connect with those who often feel alone. She has walked the journey of infant loss for 5-years.

"I delivered at five months still born twin boys," said Lugowski.

At that moment she and her husband were beyond shocked, saddened, and they felt alone. That is why Lugowski volunteers to run the nonprofit A Walk to Remember that reaches out to families who've lost a child.

"I received a care package in the hospital and because of that I want to make sure other families know they're not alone," said Lugowski.

Navigating the loss of a child is always painful, but thanks to A Walk to Remember, families can find some peace in support.

"People have a hard time talking about death.  And the death of a baby is so hard to understand and wrap your head around it it is easier to not speak about it and let families go through it on their own," said Lugowski.

"We provide bereavement resources for those families, whether it's blogs or local support groups face to face, web support, books, those kinds of things," said Stacey Merkel, Vice President, A Walk to Remember.

"We also provide bereavement care packages, probably one of the most important things we do," said Lugowski.

"We have had families contact us who got a bereavement care package and they say it was a life saver," said Merkel.

Each year A Walk to Remember provides 800 care packages to families through 28 Colorado hospitals. It is a year round effort for Lugowski, fueled by compassion and a desire to be there for others who have suffered an unthinkable loss.

To learn more about A Walk to Remember go to www.walktoremember.org

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