7Everyday Hero Daniel Morse helps Volunteers of America to bridge a language gap


7Everyday Hero Daniel Morse helps Volunteers of America to bridge a language gap in the heart of downtown Denver. 

Mandarin is the national dialect of China, but is hardly spoken in the Mile High City. 

Still, there is a large Chinese population that lives in the Volunteers of America Sunset Park Senior Center on Larimer near 18th. Only a few of those residents know English, and that is why Morse's language skills shine. 

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"Most of it is geared to the fact that I speak Chinese, having learned it at the defense language institute," said Morse. 

Morse lived in China for ten years and has been speaking Mandarin for 53-years. 

"They say if you want to know a language well go to the country where they speak it. Believe them," said Morse. 

Morse offers his language skills each year during the Safeway-sponsored free flu shot clinic. But his gift of giving does not stop here. 

"He is one of our wonderful foster grandparents.  He is placed at the Place Bridge Academy.  That is a Denver public school where kids from over 40 countries come and speak over 60 languages," said Patti Krattenmaker, Volunteers of America Project Manager for the Foster Grandparent Program. 

"Most of the time I am helping with eighth grade literary arts.  This is my second year for that.  It is like heaven to be back in the classroom," said Morse. 

Daniel Morse's skills and time commitment are much appreciated by everyone he comes into contact through Volunteers of America.

To learn more about VOA go to www.voacolorado.org.


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