Volunteer has given thousands of hours teaching at the Denver Firefighting Museum

Firefighting volunteer at museum for 11 years

DENVER - It has been a Denver landmark since 1909 and gets more than 10,000 visitors every year, but a lot of locals drive right by.

7Everyday Hero Charlene Orr-Webb is changing that, one tour at a time.

"Hi!  Welcome to the Denver Firefighters Museum," Orr-Webb enthusiastically greets a group of tourists from England.

When Denver's "old station number one" first opened its doors firefighters were still using horse drawn equipment. Today, it is a noted museum.

"This museum is one of the top three of over 300 museums in the nation," said Orr-Webb.

Orr-Webb has proudly volunteered at the old fire house turned museum on Tremont near 14th Avenue since 2002.

"They have tallied over 10,000 hours I have given over the ten years," said Orr-Webb.

"Char is one of a kind.  She has been doing this for so long she is like a professional volunteer," said Athena Lansing, Director of Volunteers at the Denver Fighters Museum.

Orr-Webb comes from a long line of firefighters. Her husband served 34 years with the Denver Fire Department. But she gives her time in other ways too.

"The Cat Care Society, Bonfils Blood Center, Habitat for Humanity Restore in Broomfield, and Hearts of Fire, which is a spouse support of the Denver Fire Department."

Somehow Orr-Webb finds time to lead tours at the Denver Firefighters Museum a couple times every week.

Visitors are sure to have fun and learn something new, thanks to her dedication and enthusiasm.

"Many, many years ago before they wore air masks, firefighters would stick their mustaches up their nostrils to filter the smoke and soot," said Orr-Webb.

The museum is open to the public Monday through Saturday 10 A.M. until 4 P.M.  And it’s available to host events like birthday parties.

To learn more about the Denver Firefighters Museum go to  http://www.denverfirefightersmuseum.org

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