Volunteer drives across the metro area to help in Highlands Ranch elementary school

For 10 years volunteer has helped in classroom

HIGHLANDS RANCH - Helping teachers help your children. Volunteers can make a big impact in the classroom.

7Everyday Hero Joyce Sandham has been giving her time at Heritage Elementary School in Highlands Ranch for 10 years.

“I come every day and I stay all day. I like being with kids and this is a great school," said Sandham.

"I’ll have people say you do a really good job in the classroom.  And I’ll say it's more the people you surround yourself with and really, I am the teacher I am because of her," said teacher Cheryl Phillips.

Sandham allows the teacher to focus more on the students. As someone who knows sign language and works with special needs children too, she has a knack for helping all students excel.

Even more impressive, Sandham lives near Denver International Airport but travels all the way to Highlands Ranch just to volunteer.

She is amazing.  Every year I tell her: 'you do know there's a school right next door to your house, right? " said Phillips.

Joyce Sandham is one very dedicated volunteer.

“Rain, sleet, snow, it doesn't matter, I’m here," said Sandham. 

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