Volunteer began giving time after adopting cat from Denver Dumb Friends League

Volunteer loves to see animals adopted

DENVER - You may have seen 7Everyday Hero Pat Bird on the side of a city bus. She has volunteered so much, she is a part of an ad campaign for the Denver Dumb Friends League.

The league is home to hundreds of cats and dogs ready for adoption and even more volunteers eager to help.

"We have over 1,300 volunteers between all three of our facilities," said Jasmin Rice, Dumb Friends League.

Together those volunteers give 180,000 hours of time each year. Bird volunteers multiple times a week.

"Over the years I have done just about everything.  I've worked in the dog kennels, the cat kennels.  I did surgery release for 25 years," said Bird.

"She has volunteered almost 16,000 hours with us.  She's here multiple times a week.  She's a stellar volunteer.  I wish we could clone her and have more volunteers like her," said Rice.

Bird first came to the Denver Dumb Friends League to adopt a cat and decided right then it was a place she wanted to volunteer. That was nearly 30 years ago.

"Pat is amazing.  Everyone at the shelter knows Pat.  If you say Pat's name, everybody knows who you're talking about," said Rice.

Bird says the best parts of volunteering here are seeing the animals arrive and leave.

"I think the happiest day for most animals is when they come here, because they are going to leave in a better situation. Going to someone who wants them or who has chosen them," said Bird.

It is a reward that will keep Bird giving her time as long as possible.

"I will probably be the first volunteer on a walker," Bird said with a laugh.

The Denver Dumb Friends League is always looking for volunteers. To learn more go to www.ddfl.org.

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