Thousands of knitted caps made by Loveland's 'Cap Man'

7Everyday Hero donates caps to those in need

LOVELAND, Colo. - Loveland has its own sort of super hero. He is known around town as "The Cap Man." He is 7Everyday Hero Robert Schmidt.

"It is a loving, generous thing that he does.  So, it is wonderful for us," said Debbie Weiszmann, Clothing Manager, House of Neighborly Service.

Schmidt knits brightly colored, soft winter caps. And then he gives them all away.

"I have made 2,600 and something -- just caps," said Schmidt.

He gives his caps to various agencies in Loveland, like the House of Neighborly Service, which cheerfully helps 20,000 people make ends meet, every year.

"Our goal is: if they can use their money for the important resources, their home payment, their rent or utilities and we can provide all these wonderful donations. And then they can stretch their budget a little farther," said Glorie Magnum, Executive Director, House of Neighborly Service.

"It is very fulfilling for my heart I am doing this for these kids," said Schmidt.

Schmidt is an avid woodworker,  but when he cannot get in the shop he keeps his hands busy knitting caps.

He has done this so many years people around Loveland gave him a nickname.

"They all started calling me the Cap Man," said Schmidt.

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