The nonprofit Precious Child provides clothes, school supplies and toiletries to kids in need

Volunteer gives supplies to students over 5 years

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - The cost of school supplies is up more than 7 percent this year. That rise is outpacing inflation!

So, how do families cope if they have fallen on hard times? Thousands of them turn to 7Everyday Hero Carina Martin.

She formed a nonprofit called A Precious Child to help disadvantaged children.

"It just came to me in church one day when they said: 'How are you helping others?'  And I thought 'Well, I'm really not.' And that is when I went to action on it," said Martin.

A Precious Child has 4,000 volunteers to help serve children in a myriad of ways.

"We work with 170 partner agencies that serve children throughout seven counties currently," said Martin.

An estimated 45,000 children have been helped over the last five years and not just with backpacks filled with school supplies.

"Clothing, backpacks, school supplies, toiletries, shoes, and then we got involved to giving out sports equipment as well," said Martin.

A Precious Child has a walk-in resource center filled with clothing that can help both children and their families.

"We got 30 outfits for our little infant here; school clothes for my 10 year old and 4 year old; even a couple extra things for me; diapers; everything a family would need.  It was absolutely amazing, I am really touched," said Rebecca, a client.

All this help thanks to an idea and the energy that started with one person: Carina Martin.

"She works 80 hours a week some weeks.  She is truly the driving force behind A Precious Child," said Rogers.

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