The Front Porch offers lunch to anyone who needs it every week in Loveland

Volunteer providing meals for 3 and a half years

LOVELAND, Colo. - Imagine inviting the whole community over for lunch! It is a Friday tradition in downtown Loveland.

Volunteers from various churches and all walks of life converge on Christ's Church of the Rockies to provide a nutritious, hot meal for free.

They call it The Front Porch because just like home, everyone is welcome.

"Some of them are working poor.  They work hard but they don't make enough money and it is a blessing to be able to come in here and get a good meal without having to worry about it," said Terri Eggleston, a volunteer.

"When I first came we didn't know where the food was coming from," said Donna Sanchez, a volunteer.

Sanchez has done this for more than three and a half years. She says it is a true grassroots effort. Food vendors and restaurants donate much of the food and volunteers buy and cook the rest.

"I do not think God provides us with faith and love to horde it.  He provides this food for us to give away," said Sanchez.

While this is a community effort most believe Donna is the spirit of the program. She is always working on making it better.

"There is no question she loves the people who come in here.  Her love is contagious.  She inspires us all," said Eggleston.

"If I am shopping at King Soopers or Walmart I am thinking about what we need," said Sanchez.

Donna's passion is paying off. Each week The Front Porch serves upwards of 50 very appreciative people.

"Every Friday, Donna comes in and everybody walks out of here with their spirits lifted and it's just great," said visitor, Andy. 

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