Spellbinders volunteer Marlin Day Cwach brings storytelling to Littleton Public Schools

The art of storytelling can engage the imagination and pass along wisdom and storytelling is alive and well in Littleton, thanks to 7Everyday Hero Marlin Day Cwach. 
She volunteers for Spellbinders. 
"Spellbinders is a group of volunteers, mostly seniors, who give their time and support to telling stories to children," said Cwach. 
Cwach started with Spellbinders in 1999 and helped bring the group to Littleton Public Schools. 
"Marlin is great because she is very calm.  She has a good pace.  Some of us often race through the stories.  She has good pace, good timing," said Spellbinders volunteer Mary Schreiner. 
Students and teachers alike hang on Cwach's every word. They learn while they are having fun. 
"Stories provide examples of how to behave.  They very often have characters who are very resilient, who come back from difficult situations," said Cwach. 
The stories also encourage students to use their imagination. 
"Perhaps they've had books read to them, but it's not quite the same thing as the eye and heart connection that you have when you're telling stories with children," said Cwach. 
Spellbinders is celebrating 25 years of success, thanks to volunteer storytellers like Cwach. 
"Oh, I love it.  I love it," said Cwach. 
To learn more about spellbinders go to www.spellbinders.org.
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