Single Volunteers of Greater Denver shows a single person can make a difference

Hundreds of single voluteers help non-profits

DENVER - There's an old saying: "A single person can make a difference." A group in Denver proves it, giving singles a place to give back to their community. 7Everyday Hero Kayla Okafor is key to the group's success.

"I look for the events. I'm the person who tries to set up the events the volunteers try to go to," said Okafor.

The group is called Single Volunteers of Greater Denver or SVGD. It has been in Denver since 2006 and Kayla has been there from the start.

"I showed up at their first event when they were distributing food at one of the local food banks. And I thought: this is a great way to help the community," said Okafor.

The group has around 500 members who volunteer at a variety of non-profits across the greater Denver area.

"We normally help with about 70 non-profit events a year," said Okafor.

One of the places SVGD members give their time is a nightly dinner served to clients at the Denver Rescue Mission's facility called The Crossing.

"Change lives in the name of Jesus Christ, that is really our ultimate goal.  We are trying to give [clients] strategies to be able to be self-sufficient citizens," said Lisa Cooper, Director of Operations at The Crossing.

Having a group like SVGD is extremely helpful at a place like The Crossing because it serves 500 meals a week, but has just one paid staff member in the kitchen.

"So, we heavily rely on volunteers to prepare and serve every day," said Cooper.

The Denver Rescue Mission considers a group like the Single Volunteers of Greater Denver a blessing, because the group is always willing to pitch in to help.

"My personal feeling is we need to give back to our communities. My social life has actually become volunteering," said Okafor.

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