Phamaly Theatre Company gives actors of all abilities a chance to take the stage

Volunteer helps disabled actors hit the stage

DENVER - Hitting your mark on stage is key to a seamless theater production and 7Everyday Hero James Fortney makes sure that happens.

That is a crucial task if some of the actors in a stage production use wheelchairs.

In the Phamaly Theatre Company productions everyone has a disability. But for 24 years this group has proven there are no limitations.

"It is an organization that showcases the talents and abilities of people with disabilities on stage and opens the doors to arts to everyone," said Teri Westerman, Founding member of Phamaly Theatre Company.

Fortney has volunteered with the Phamaly group for three years.

"I do everything from helping actors get into costumes to holding doors & curtains to make sure everyone is getting their needs covered," said Fortney.

That may mean helping with a costume change.

"What we did just now in the dressing room took five minutes and it would take me two hours to do all that," said actor Don Gabenski.

Or Fortney may assist an actress who uses a prosthetic arm prepare for a scene where she will wow the crowd with her violin playing.

"He (Fortney) is awesome," said Jeremy Palmer, actor and board member.

"His energy, his joy for life, and his true compassion for people in general but specifically for people with disabilities," said Westerman.

James Fortney and the Phamaly Theatre Company inspire all of us to re-envision disabilities through the arts. 

"It is very uplifting, very motivating," said Fortney.

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