Park Hill Home Tour brings attention to historic Denver neighborhood and benefits the community

Money raised for neighborhood and food bank

DENVER - Back in the 1960s promoters of Park Hill suggested that neighborhood is to Denver what Georgetown is to Washington D.C.

The idea being this neighborhood was prestigious, elegant and exciting.

Today's residents of Park Hill are just as proud.

Park Hill is bordered by Colorado Boulevard to the west, Monaco to the east, Martin Luther King to the north, and 17th Avenue to the south.

Beyond its ideal location to downtown Denver, Park Hill is known for its diversity both in architecture and in its people.

African Americans were among the area's earliest settlers.

Park Hill changes from block to block, transitioning from quaint, inviting bungalows to sprawling mansions rich in Denver history.

Some of them, like the Holme-Fentress House, a Tudor Revival style home built in 1928, open their doors to visitors at least once year during the Greater Park Hill Home Tour.

"The home tour raises about a third of the budget for Greater Park Hill every year," said resident Roberta Locke.

Locke has called Park Hill home since 1973. For the last ten years she has assembled a small army of volunteers to run one of the longest running home tours in Colorado.

"She has got to not only find the homes, but convince the home owners to open the house to 1,500 to 2,000 people who will wonder through the day of the event," said volunteer Kate Sultan.

And when ticket holders tour six different Park Hill homes this year they are benefiting the community food bank.

"There is a real spirit of activism in Park Hill, and spirit of community.  People know each other and it is really kind of small town," said Locke.

"It is almost like the '50s or '60s; June Cleaver is somewhere," added Sultan.

This year's 35th annual Park Hill Home Tour and street festival is in good hands, thanks to neighbors like Roberta Locke.

"I love this community and I want to preserve it and preserve the flavor of this community," said Locke.

The Greater Park Hill Home Tour will be on Sunday, September 22nd from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tickets are on sale at the Park Hill Library, the Park Hill Bookstore, the GPHC office, King Soopers and on line at

Pre-event tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors & $5 for children.

Day-of tickets will be sold at either side of the Street Fair on Forest Parkway (Forest/Montview and Forest/19th Avenue).

Day-of adult tickets will be $20; senior and children ticket prices will not change. 

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