For 13 years volunteer has made sure dozens of seniors get a good meal each week

22 senior lunches each week across Weld County

Frederick, Colo. - "Let's do lunch!"

In Weld County, 7Everyday Hero Lee Athmann is helping bring people together.

"It's wonderful," said Marjorie Hradecky, a Weld County Senior Lunch participant.

The gathering is centered around a nutritious meal.

"This is a great opportunity for us all to meet and have a grand ole time," said Hradecky.

A meal that is more than affordable.

"It is a donation. A one to three dollar donation.  We don't collect money.  We drop it into a donation jar.  If you can afford it fine, if not, fine.  You're not turned away. It's for all seniors," said Athmann, the Senior Lunch coordinator in Frederick.

The Frederick lunch at the Carbon Valley Recreational Center is one of many designed just for Weld County seniors.

"We have 22 total around Weld County," said Meredith Skoglund, Senior Nutrition & Community Services, Weld County.

The lunch in Frederick has been spearheaded by Athmann since the start in 2013.

"He is just one of those outgoing people who helps anywhere he can help," said Peggy Randolph, Weld County Senior Lunch participant.

"He does so much for the seniors," said Hradecky.

"I'll see him at Starbucks picking up donations for another senior center. So, he's outstanding. He's a wonderful man," said Skoglund.

Athmann puts in around 30-hours a week volunteering for seniors in Weld County. His efforts are paying off for seniors.

"When we first started the lunch we had 13," said Athmann.

Now, the Thursday lunch has more than 40 seniors each week, with a Tuesday senior lunch being added in September.

"There's no monetary reward it's just something I can do and I like getting people together and have a good time," said Athmann.

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