Florence Crittenton High School teen moms get help from volunteer every week

Volunteer helps run Baby Bucks store for teen moms

DENVER - Nearly 140 teenaged moms at a Denver high school are focused on a bright future. They are finding success, in part, because of 7Everyday Hero Kathy Henderson. Henderson volunteers at Florence Crittenton High School.

"We work to educate, prepare and empower teen moms to be productive members of the community," said Mikayla Havens, Volunteer Manager.

There are nearly 140 teen moms enrolled at Florence Crittenton this year. The non-profit that helps the young moms get their high school diploma through Denver Public Schools. 

Since 1984, the school has graduated hundreds of students by providing an early learning center for their babies, as well as academic and support skills for the young moms.

"It has done a lot.  It has given me a second chance to do my education right and get back on track, and go to college and give my daughter what she needs," said Meghan, a senior at Florence Crittenton School.

"It has given me a lot of support to me and my child and my family," said Brenda, a senior at Florence Crittenton School.

Some of that support comes from Henderson at the Baby Bucks Store at the school.

"I am here as a friend to the girls and help them out," said Henderson.

At the Baby Bucks Store, students are rewarded for good attendance and high marks.

"They come over here and exchange those certificates and tickets for brand new items that they have to earn," said Havens.

"Oh, it is so helpful with diapers, with bottles, with wipes.  Those are really expensive so it helps us out a lot," said Meghan.

Every week. Kathy is there organizing the store and encouraging the girls.

"She helped me get through my senior year and I am always going to remember her, always," said Claudia, a 2012 Florence Crittenton School graduate.

Henderson says she sees how hard these girls work to succeed and they inspire her.

"One of the girls walked up to me and said: 'Thank you for volunteering we really appreciate your time.'  And that was all it took for me to see they appreciate the time we give," said Henderson.

To learn more about Florence Crittenton Services go to www.flocritco.org

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