Family makes it a tradition to donate to local blood bank, put into Blood Donor Hall of Fame

3 generations donate 125 gallons of blood

GREELEY, Colo. - Every year more than four and a half million Americans will need a blood transfusion. Yet less than 10 percent of Americans donate blood.

A family full of 7Everyday Heroes in Greeley is trying to change that.

"The first time I donated I think it was 1997," said Gretchen Fagerberg.

"My grandfather started in World War II and brought the habit back when he came home," said John Fagerberg.

Three generations of the Fagerberg family of Greeley have donated blood. So many of them, donating so often, the family was recently inducted into the Blood Donor Hall of Fame.

They also got to meet people whose lives they helped save. People like Andrea Neidig who needed blood after giving birth.

"It is because of people like you that I am here today. I almost died giving birth to my second son," Neidig told the Fagerbergs.

With John Fagerberg being a Greeley Firefighter, the whole family understands the importance of blood donation. They are regulars at the Blood Donor Center at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley and say most of us can do the same.

"If someone is sick enough that they need blood, or hurt bad enough that they need blood, the least a healthy person can do is a little poke in the arm," said John Fagerberg.

The Fagerbergs have donated more than 1,000 units of blood. That is more than 125-gallons, that in some cases have saved lives.

"Aren't they fabulous. For three generations to have blood donor after blood donor to come into the family, marry into the family and become one of our loyal donors is a fabulous story," said Andrea Hawkins, Blood Donor Recruitment Coordinator, North Colorado Medical Center.

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