Every 3rd grader in DPS receives dictionary from volunteer

Hero Steve Nissen raises money for new books

DENVER - Right now there are thousands of third graders in Denver with shiny, new books they can call their own.

This year there are 6,700 third graders in Denver Public Schools. All of them get a new dictionary and new thesaurus thanks to the Dollar Dictionary Drive.

"A lot of them tell us it's the only book they have in their home," says Steve Nissen, 7Everyday Hero.

Nissen has volunteered for the Dollar Dictionary Drive since it started 17 years ago.

"I'm a sucker for volunteerism, I guess," said Nissen.

"What can I say he goes out and raises the money, he boxes the books, he takes the books to the schools. Steve is just a wonderful human being," said Larry Ambrose, President, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation.

The Dollar Dictionary Drive is a project of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation. It's goal is to improve the quality of life for Denver residents.

"The labels are special for each school," said Karen Taylor, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, Project Co-Chair.

A peak inside each book - shows the kids their neighborhoods helped make the dictionaries possible.

"We did a survey with third grade teachers last year and 86% of them said this is still a very useful  tool," said Nissen

"Not all students in Denver Public Schools have access to computers," said Taylor/

But beginning in the third grade they have their own dictionary, thanks to good neighbors like Nissen.

"Just the satisfaction of giving, but also a sore back," said Nissen.

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