Dumb Friends League gets help from volunteer every week

7Everyday Hero Sherry Peterson cares for animals

DENVER - Lost and abandoned animals have found a loving home at the Denver Dumb Friends League since 1910.

When you get an average of 69 animals each day you need a small army to care for them, that's where 7Everyday Hero Sherry Peterson comes in.

Peterson spends each Friday cleaning, caring and comforting animals at the Denver Dumb Friends League.

"I come in the morning and take all the foster dogs out for a potty break and then clean their kennels," said Peterson.

Peterson has done this every Friday for a very long time.

"It will be 21 years in October (2012)," said Peterson.

 "26,000 hours, and probably 400 animals fostered through her home alone.  It is a gift to have people like (Sherry) that who are connected to us," said Theresa Geary, Vice President of Operations, Denver Dumb Friends League.

It is not glamorous work, but it is rewarding.

"It is nice to spend time with the animals.  It makes you feel good to give them what they need," said Peterson.

The Denver Dumb Friends League places 20-thousand animals back into the community in good homes every year.

It can do that thanks to dedicated volunteers like Sherry Peterson.

"People have the time to go to the movies and to the mall and to me this is a lot more fun, a lot more rewarding," said Peterson.

To learn more about the Denver Dumb Friends League, go to www.ddfl.org

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