Denver families at Warren Village get helping hand from retiree

Volunteer gives her free time to help children

DENVER - For those seeking a new beginning in life, support is key to their success. 7Everyday Hero Emma Miller is using her retirement years to nurture families looking to improve their lives. She volunteers in the pre-school at Denver's Warren Village.

"Warren Village is a unique program for homeless single parents and their children.  It provides an opportunity for parents to get back up on their feet.  So it is not a hand out, but a hand-up," said Jan Hubert, Chief Development Officer, Warren Village. 

It takes energy to keep up with pre-schoolers.

"Grandma Emma has more energy than anyone I know, She crawls around on the floor with the kids.  She was doing hop-scotch yesterday in the classroom," said Classroom Teacher Laura Rankin.

The children of those living below poverty or who are homeless don't often have access to quality child care.

At Warren Village they do, so they can go on to become self sufficient. That happens, in part, thanks to volunteers like Grandma Emma.

"The kids love to come and sit on grandma's lap and have her read them a story or have her pat their back when it is nap time," said Rankin.

"I read to them. You name, I do it. Blow their noses," Miller chuckles.

A few hours a day in a daycare might wear out a lot of people, but Grandma Emma.

"I put in seven hours a day, five days a week," said Miller.

Grandma Emma has raised children and grand children of her own, but rarely misses an opportunity to help nurture toddlers of families needing support.

"I love them and they love me, and I love working with everybody here. They treat me so nice," said Miller.

To learn more about volunteering at Warren Village, click here:

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