Couple helps provide for kids recovering from abuse simply by providing daily snacks

Snacks dropped off every month at advocacy center

DENVER - Helping children recover from the trauma of abuse or violence requires great care and compassion. Some of it is provided by volunteers.

There is a quaint and inviting Victorian home along Federal Boulevard not far from Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

It is a place designed for healing, hope, and promise. It is home to the nonprofit Denver Children's Advocacy Center.

"This is a very unique place in Denver, where we serve children who have been abused and neglected and they get all the services in just one central location.  It makes it easier on the kids.  It is less traumatic to the children.  It makes easier for the families," said Dr. Gizane Indart, executive director of Denver Children's Advocacy Center.

The D.C.A.C's mission to prevent child abuse and restore childhoods requires a team of caring adults. Some are volunteers like Sylvia Sich and Phil Baca.

"What they do is incredible.  They buy, out of their own pockets, all of the snacks that we might need to all of our kids for a month.  It is a month's supply," said Indart.

Sich and Baca have seen first-hand how crimes against children can tear apart lives.

Sich is a captain with the Denver Police Department.  Baca is the director of training with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

"We both have over 30 years in law enforcement and you see a lot of victims in our line of work and the victims you have the most compassion for are the children, because they are all innocent victims," said Baca.

Yet despite working full-time in crime prevention, Baca and Sich spend their own time and money to make a difference at the D.C.A.C.

They do it because they see the nonprofit making a difference.

"What they do for the children who are either witnesses to crimes or victims of crimes, it just touches my heart," said Sich.

Enough that Sich and Baca have volunteered here for more than 10 years.

"If we can help make a difference for the D.C.A.C. then we are there," said Sich.

"And that is why I believe they 're my heroes," added Indart.

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