Couple helps deliver tens of thousands of meals with Meals On Wheels

Meals On Wheels makes hundreds of meals a day

GREELEY, Colo. - Imagine delivering 55,000 meals a year. It is enough to make the local pizza parlor envious.

For 43-years Meals on Wheels of Greeley and Weld County has been a lifeline to its residents.

It has its own kitchen and prepares up to 200 hot meals a day. It helps hundreds of people in Northern Colorado remain independent.

"Well, it keeps a lot of people at home instead of going to a nursing home and that sort of thing," said volunteer Randall Hess.

Randall Hess and his wife, Pat, are among the 400 volunteers who make Meals on Wheels of Greeley & Weld County work so efficiently.

Their commitment and experience are hard to beat.

When asked how long they have been volunteering, Pat answered:  "Since December 1977."

And when pressed why they have given so much of their time, Randall pointed to Pat and said:  "Because she makes me."

Jokes aside, Pat is key in coordinating hot meals for specific communities in Weld County.

"Johnstown, Milliken," said Pat.

"She coordinates the whole thing and I am just the driver," Randall said.

"Pat has a persistence that she is willing to call, and call, and call to get volunteers," said fellow Meals on Wheels volunteer Linda Young.

And few say "no", knowing Pat and Randall Hess have given 36-years of their time to deliver meals.

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