Bikes given to those who cannot afford their own

Group collects, repairs and give away bikes

Highlands Ranch, Colo. -  

A bicycle is something you might take for granted unless you cannot afford one. 7Everyday Hero AJ Stapleton is trying to make sure no one is left out. He volunteers for Project ReCycle.

The faith-based nonprofit collects, repairs, and donates bicycles to children and some adults who cannot afford one.

"We have 600 to 750 bikes right now that need to be fixed," said Stapleton.

Stapleton leads this all volunteer project with help from his fellow parishioners at Saint Mark Catholic Church in Highlands Ranch.

While it is Douglas County based, Project ReCycle provides bikes throughout the front range.

"So far this year we have donated more than 250 bikes," said Stapleton.

Over four years Project ReCycle has given away nearly 2,000 bicycles and...

"For every bike we give away we include a helmet for every child. They get donated or we have to purchase them," said Stapleton.

Project ReCycle is a well oiled machine thanks to Stapleton's leadership. Still, the project faces a challenge. It gets a break on some much appreciated storage units, but volunteers have to work outside, in the heat and cold.

"My hope for him is to get to facility where he can work on the bikes," said Volunteer Jim Butler.

There are always hurdles in the non-profit world but you won't find A-J Stapleton complaining. Instead, you will find putting in hundreds of hours putting others first.

"If you ever had an outlet and water goes out all the time and how do you refill it? Watching kids faces like that is all of a sudden you get this spring shower that refills your whole reservoir of joy," said Stapleton.

"When you are in the thousands of bikes given away, he has touched a lot of lives, but I know there are more out there," said Butler.

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