Band brings smiles to faces of children in the hospital

Musicians travel room to room playing for patients

AURORA, Colo. -  

A different kind of Band-Aide is making kids dance and smile at Children's Hospital.
"I think it just breaks up the monotony and lets them know someone is thinking about them," said Dave Underwood, 7Everyday Hero.
Dave Underwood started "The Band-Aides" 9 years ago. 
"We're all working professionals and we all play in other bands," said Underwood.
Every Monday, after a long day at work these six talented musicians drive from Boulder to Aurora, in traffic, just to play for the kids. 
"When they hear we're going to do Chicago blues they love it.  So, we don't do children's music - and that's an odd thing to say.  But they really like music that swings, that rocks out," said Underwood 
The Band-Aides travel the halls playing grown up music for children bravely facing health issues only adults should have to face. 
"Kids don't come to Children's because they have the flu.  It's a serious illness.  A lot of the parents are here for months on end and I think music is just a fantastic thing for them," said band member Paul Zilis.
"From a parents point of view, we appreciate it and out kids appreciate it.  They're smiling because some of them can't get out of the rooms.  They're confined to those rooms for days or months. So, for someone to take time out of their day to say you're special, that you're 'My Girl'," said Lea Patterson, mother of patient.
Everyday people using their talents to serve others, Underwood and The Band-Aides are what the 7Everyday Hero program is all about. 
"I think it's the best thing we can do with music - is to put a smile on a kids face or get a parent to at least not have to worry for awhile about the future of their kids health," said Underwood.
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