American Red Cross volunteer coordinates disaster response team to jump into action

Flooding victims helped by Red Cross volunteer

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - When disaster strikes, the American Red Cross is there to help. 7Everyday Hero Betty Kaan is a perfect example. She jumped into action during the flooding of 2013.

"I do disaster response.  I'm responsible for making sure all our trailers and prepared and ready to go," said Kaan.

Kaan has been a volunteer for the Red Cross for seven years.

"I started out two days a week and now I am four days a week," said Kaan.

When the 2013 floods hit, Kaan was working logistics for the Northern Colorado Chapter of the American Red Cross.

She put in 12-hour days coordinating the relief effort and encouraging others to pitch-in.

"She is not just a one person force, but other people are inspired by the effort that Betty puts forth and they want to give more of themselves," said Erin Mounsey,executive director of the  Northern Colorado Chapter, American Red Cross.

"It is hard for me to imagine anyone losing their home.  So, if I can make it just a little bit better, maybe give them a little bit of hope, then it will get better and they will be able to get on their feet," said Kaan.

Betty Kaan is always preparing for the worst, making sure the Red Cross can be at its the very best in times of need.

Like so many volunteers, she leads with her heart.

"Like we say in the Red Cross:  Sleeves up, hearts open, all in.  And Betty is definitely one of those," said Mounsey. 

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