American Legion volunteer makes sure all veterans get full military honors at funerals

Legion gives fallen veterans full military honors

LONGMONT - You do not have to be a general or an admiral to receive military honors for serving our country.

7Everyday Hero Dick Kounovsky of Longmont makes sure of that. He organizes the American Legion Post 32 Honor Guard.

"We go to do funerals for deceased veterans," said Kounovsky.

The squad performs the rituals for passing veterans within a 50-mile radius of Longmont, year round.

"We have seen it at 100 degrees and we've seen it at below zero," said Kounovsky.

Time and again they salute our fallen service members and fold the colors for their loved ones.

"We do an average of about 100 funerals a year," said Kounovsky.

The honor guard members are all veterans themselves.

"I served two and a half years in Germany as an occupation troop," said Kounovsky.

Kounovsky organizes the Longmont American Legion Post for funerals, parades, and school visits. It is a time consuming job that he gladly volunteers for.

"So, he's making 600 to 700 phone calls a month," said Dennis Sindleir, American Legion Post 32.

"We do this as a volunteer group.  We are all volunteers.  Every one of these guys are volunteers.  There is no pay," said Kounovsky.

"In any volunteer organization you have someone who is in charge and you have someone who does all the work. Dick does the work," said Sindleir.

At times it is a solemn duty, but one that each member of an honor guard performs with pride. If someone served, fellow veterans like Dick Kounovsky will not forget.

"It just makes me feel good to do the military honors, which is the last thing to do before the person is buried," said Kounovsky. 

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