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7Everyday Hero Kristin Parsons volunteers for two cat rescue operations

Posted: 8:20 AM, Nov 20, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-20 18:53:29Z

DENVER -- There are millions of stray cats in this country. Left unchecked they suffer, and they can harm humans by spreading disease. 

But 7Everyday Hero Kristin Parsons is addressing the problem. She helps hundreds of cats every month by giving her time at two nonprofits. 

She volunteers for the Animal Rescue of the Rockies. 

"I am the cat coordinator for northern Colorado and it kind of filters into Denver too. We recently pulled animals from Texas from the flooding," Parsons said. 

Parsons also gives her time at Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals. 

"At the clinic once a month I do the intake. I put the cats under when they're getting ready for their surgery," said Parsons.

She does all this while working full-time. 

"I teach elementary school. I teach fifth grade," Parsons said. 

"I do not know what we would have done without her. Kristin takes probably 30 cats a month from us, just at our clinics," said Leslie Vogt, director of Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals.

"And she is just tireless. I have seen her put 800 miles in a week on her car, running around trying to deliver cats for us," said fellow volunteer Jana Yoder. 

Parsons says it can be a roller coaster of emotions trying to rescue cats, and she admits she can't help them all. 

"But, my motto has become: I know I can help this one," Parsons said. 

It is that positive attitude and commitment that makes Kristin Parsons an outstanding volunteer. 

To learn more about Animal Rescue of the Rockies go to www.animalrescueoftherockies .

And to learn more about Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals go to .

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