7Everyday Hero Vickie Marra helps animals thrive at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster

Posted at 10:13 AM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-14 14:40:16-05
When you have 5,000 animals to feed, volunteers are a must and 7Everyday Hero Vickie Marra is up to the challenge. She is a volunteer at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. 
"I don't think we would be able to do what we do, or be as successful without our volunteers," said Sarah Garrett from the Butterfly Pavilion. 
On average, butterflies only live about a month. But in that short time they thrive at the Butterfly Pavilion, thanks to the staff and the plants. 
"Without the plants to support the butterflies with nectar, we would not have butterflies," said Marra. 
Marra gives her time at the pavilion every week. 
"Going on seven years in January," said Marra. 
"She works in the horticultural department, both in this beautiful exhibit, keeping it ready for guests, and she also works outside," said Garrett. 
"I love working with the butterflies.  They are so incredibly beautiful," said Marra. 
Butterflies are beautiful even after they have died. Marra helps make displays and shadow boxes with the pavilion's butterflies and flowers, so they can be used as a teaching tool or sold in the gift shop. 
"We have been experimenting with pressing the flowers to use in a little shadow box like this with the butterflies that are spread and pinned," said Marra. 
Technically, Marra is not a lepidopterist. 
"A lepidopterist is one who studies butterflies and moths," said Garrett. 
But Marra is one of many dedicated volunteers at the Butterfly Pavilion who help butterflies thrive for us all to enjoy. 
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