7Everyday Hero Tiffany Pierce offers hope to fellow liver transplant patients at UCHealth

Volunteer counsels liver transplant patients
Posted at 9:30 AM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 12:11:27-05
7Everyday Hero Tiffany Pierce is lucky to be alive and her experience is providing other Coloradans with hope. 
"Sometimes, I think it just helps the patient to hear that someone else has gone through the very road they're going through," said Pierce. 
Pierce is a liver transplant recipient herself. In 2013, she was very sick, and running low on hope and time. 
"I was given a 90 days to live," said Pierce. 
Which meant getting her affairs in order.  
"I did some things with my kids, filled them in that I may not be around much longer," explained Pierce. 
But a liver transplant match was located and her surgery was a success. 
"Life did a 180, which was fantastic.  I got my life back," said Pierce. 
So, Pierce started volunteering at the very place that changed her life -- The University of Colorado Hospital Transplant Center. She gives her time once a week, answering questions, providing hope and offering encouragement. 
"Tiffany is amazing.  She is able to connect with people, really, that no one else can," said Jenny Ricklefs, Volunteer Manager, University of Colorado Hospital. 
"The patients just need to get some things off their chest and that's what I'm there for," said Pierce. 
Tiffany Pierce's life was saved by an organ transplant and then enriched by giving back. 
"Volunteering is the light of my week.  This is the day I look forward to every week," said Pierce.
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