Johnstown teen gives away baseball gear

Posted at 8:37 AM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 11:26:51-04
It is no secret that Johnstown has beautiful views and a great family atmosphere for residents. 
But 7Everyday Hero Michael Romanowski discovered something missing. 
His solution has turned out to be a home run for everyone in northern Colorado. 
"The name of the program is 'Give Gear Get Gear.' The idea is to collect used baseball gear and distribute it the kids and people in the community that need it," said Romanowski. 
Romanowski started this project as a freshman at Roosevelt High School in Johnstown. 
"There was a kid on my baseball team and he needed a bat. And when I went into my basement I found not just one bat, but a few.  And I knew this was the case for a lot of kids.  So, why not collect it and get it out," said Romanowski. 
Give Gear Get Gear has spread across Colorado and beyond. 
"Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch) actually do a lot of donations.  They come every year with a big group.  And I have actually provided gear to kids up in Wyoming, so it has gone pretty far," said Romanowski. 
"Michael has spread his servant, selfless attitude to everyone in our program.  It is quite a program to think that not one dollar has been exchanged either way," said Michael's baseball coach Alan Gibson. 
"He sends letters to the editor, contacts coaches, puts bins in different spots.  He's got one at Hays Market and one at the P.B. Roach fields in Greeley," said Michael's mom, Rebecca Romanowski. 
"He is a school leader.  This is the kind of senior you want when they cross that stage for graduation," said Michael's principal at Roosevelt High School, Trevor Long. 
Romanowski is headed to Cornell University in New York in the fall to pursue an engineering degree, but his love of the game and giving is being shared.  
"I am going to pass it along to two kids -- Ethan Hays and Braden Saya," said Romanowski. 
Hays and Saya have plans to expand the program to include other sports.
"Maybe wrestling and volleyball and stuff like that," said Hays.
"Take what he's built and improve it," added Saya.
Thousands of lives have been touched by Michael Romanowski's gift of giving. And it all started with a love for baseball. 
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