7Everyday Hero Kim Briggs helps the homeless of Denver

Operation Care Package Colorado
Posted at 7:45 AM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 09:45:37-04

DENVER -- We all see the homeless as we travel around Colorado. But 7Everyday Hero Kim Briggs is on a mission to get to know them and help them. 

Briggs is the force behind Operation Care Package Colorado. 

"It is just a big circle of life and we're just helping out a little bit," Briggs said. 

Every two months, Briggs holds an "event" in a downtown parking lot, offering free clothing, snacks, free haircuts, even free phones, all for the homeless. 

"We know how it is. We've been there," Briggs admits. 

Briggs and her husband were once homeless themselves. 

"We both had jobs. My husband worked full time overnights. I worked full time days. We had income coming in. We were saving. It's just rent was going up and we had four kids," Briggs said. 

Briggs says the biggest misconception about them as they were homeless was that they weren't trying to better themselves. 

"Not all homeless are drug addicts. Not all homeless are alcoholics. Not all homeless are somebody you should be afraid of. Most of them are normal people who are just having a really hard time in life and they need the help and that's what we're there for," Briggs said. 

Briggs has managed to encourage more than 500 others to help with Operation Care Package Colorado. People like Ellen Kammerzell, who has started her own nonprofit called Let Your Light Shine. 

"When I go home at night, even though I'm tired, there's nothing that makes you feel better than helping another sister or brother," Kammerzell said. 

Kim Briggs reaches out to those less fortunate, and to those some people choose to ignore, and she is making a difference. 

"It is important because with everything we have going on in our world today that these people are still human, they're still part of life, and they still deserve help," Briggs said. 

To learn more about Operation Care Package Colorado look for the group on Facebook

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