7Everyday Hero Heather Greenwood runs a pay-what-you-can-afford cafe in Littleton

The Gracefull Community Cafe is a hit
Posted at 8:17 AM, May 22, 2017
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LITTLETON, Colo. -- "Sharing a meal and working together is a beautiful way to build a stronger community." That quote is on the wall of a popular Littleton cafe. 
This unique restaurant is run by 7Everyday Hero Heather Greenwood. 
If we each give a little, together we can have a big impact. 
That is the idea behind the Gracefull Cafe near downtown Littleton. 
"People are so appreciative of the chance to have a beautiful place to enjoy a good, healthy meal," Greenwood said.  
Heather Greenwood is the cafe owner. She is a retired teacher with a business background, and a heart for helping others. 
"I can't solve some of the larger issues, maybe homelessness or drug addictions. But I can at least make sure that people have a place that feels like home, where they are welcome, where they are seen and enjoy a good meal," Greenwood said.  
This is a place where you pay what you can, if any at all and the Gracefull Foundation makes up the difference. 
"All of our tips, anything extra that is paid goes right to our foundation and people have been incredibly generous with that," Greenwood said.  
Since opening last May, more than $40,000. have been donated to help others. And most of the workers here are volunteers. 
"Not only is she providing meals for people who can't afford, but also provides a place for people to volunteer and give back," said volunteer Katie Kirwan.  
"She is always just so thankful, thankful for whatever anyone can do to help out. And it's contagious, you know," said volunteer Katie McDonald. 
The Gracefull Cafe is also opening people's eyes to hunger. 
"It's a suburban neighborhood, where a lot of people don't think there is much need. But demographics say that 23 percent of individuals who live in a three-minute drive radius live in poverty," Greenwood said. 
Heather Greenwood's Gracefull Community Cafe offers great, homemade food and a lesson in how grace in action works. 
"It's almost like a sanctuary here," McDonald said.
The Gracefull Community Cafe is located at 5610 South Curtice St. in Littleton. That is near West Powers Avenue in Littleton, just one block north of Main Street.  
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