7Everyday Hero Ed Kletzky drives Boulder area residents to medical appointments

Volunteer helps seniors maintain independence
Posted at 8:15 AM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 10:16:36-04
BOULDER, Colo. -- Everyone wants to age with dignity and independence. 7Everyday Hero Ed Kletzky is helping make that happen in Boulder county. He volunteers for Boulder County Care Connect. 
"We provide volunteered powered services to adults age 60-plus to help them stay in the comfort of their homes," said Chrysti Britt, Executive Director of Boulder County Care Connect. 
Boulder County Care Connect helps seniors take care of their yards or ice removal as well as transportation to their medical appointments. That's where Kletzky comes in. He has been a driver for the Medical Mobility program a few years. 
"It is a good thing to be doing," Kletzky said. 
One of Kletzky's clients is Nalene Fiedel. She has lived in Colorado for more than 40 years but lately some medical issues have limited how much she can leave her Lafayette home. She was starting to feel a bit socially isolated, until she learned about Boulder County Care Connect. 
"Well, without this I wouldn't be able to get to my doctor's appointments, which are very helpful. I'm going through physical therapy," Fiedel said. 
"I probably do two to three rides a week. I don't consider myself to be anything special. I'm just doing what I think I need to be doing," Kletzky said. 
But these rides are a big deal for the 6,000 clients served by Boulder County Care Connect last year alone. 
"Oh, it has helped me immensely!" Fiedel said. 
"Ed brings a smile, a friendship, a caring person to every person he interacts with. And he is one of our rock star volunteers," Britt said. 
Boulder County Care Connect is a nonprofit that accepts donations, otherwise its services are free to Boulder County seniors over the age of 60. It can do that thanks to more than 600 volunteers like Ed Kletzky. 
"This is probably the most fulfilling and rewarding experience I can have," Kletzky said. 
To learn more about the services offered by Boulder County Care Connect go to
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